Creating a Schedule

Schedules are used to stop/start and resize instance automatically.  Users with the appropriate access can create Schedules which in turn can be link to one or more instances.

To create a new schedule, select “Management” from the left menu, click “Schedules”.

A list of existing schedules will be displayed

Click 'Add Schedule' to create a new schedule

To add a schedule, fill in the following.

  •        Schedule Name – write a specific name for the schedule
  •        Start-up – the days when to turn on the server
  •        [Start-up] Hour & [Start-up] Mins – time of the start-up on the selected days
  •        Shutdown – the days when to turn off the server
  •        [Shutdown] Hour & [Shutdown] Mins – time of the shutdown of the server on the selected days.
  •        Description – add description to the schedule.

Click “Save”.  The new schedule will be added to the list.


To add an instance for that schedule, select the row in the list first before clicking ‘Add Instance’.  Select from the available instances, then click ‘Add Selected Instance’.   The selected  instance will be added to that schedule.

Alternatively you can add schedules to instance from the My Instance page