Linking Cost Guardian to AWS

This article assumes you have already created a CostGuardian account and now you need to link it to your Amazon account.  You can follow the guide below or watch the video if you prefer.

In either case you will need the link below to grant the required permissions.

Granting Access to CostGuardian in AWS

Before starting login to CostGuardian and open the window under Settings > AWS Account.  The objective of these instructions is to generate the 2 values in AWS.

The first step is to login in to your AWS account and navigate to 'CloudFormation'

  1. Click Create Stack
  2. Copy and Paste the Link above into 'Amazon S3 URL', then click next
  3. Enter a Stackname such as CostGuardian
  4. Enter the ExternalId using a unique phrase to you, this can be though of like a password for your account, click next
  5. Ignore the Advanced settings and click next again.
  6. Scroll down the screen and check the box allowing the script to create an IAM policy and role.  This new role will allow CostGuardian limited access to your account
  7. Click create Stack
  8. The stack creation should take less than 60 seconds
  9. Click the refresh icon and once complete click the Output Tab
  10. First 'copy' the Role ARN
  11. Change screens to CostGuardian and paste the ARN
  12. Go back to AWS and 'copy' the External Id
  13. Change screens to CostGuardian and paste the ExternalId
  14. Click Save in CostGuardian
  15. Return to the Dashboard and you should now see '0' being reported for running and stopped instances.